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“It can be brutal, it can be elegant. Working out how you’re going to get up the rock can be a phenomenal challenge and a puzzle...” (Nigel Shepherd)

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Rock Climbing Adventures:

Going on a rock climbing holidays is a great way for interacting with nature and its mountains. Feeling the adrenaline, cool head, shaky ankles, and the satisfaction of topping out and enjoying the views from the top, this is all a unique experience which ultimately allows you to get to know the landscape and yourself better.

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In R&R we love rock climbing as a means, but not as the only end. At the moment, we organise rock climbing holidays in Morocco, Greece and Spain. You come in amazing rock climbing adventures in some of the best climbing locations and with great teams of specialists to support you, but you always get much more than that: the most important, you get to know the people and the area that you are visiting, not only their crags.

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What you get in your Climbing trip:

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