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Choose Your Moroccan Adventure

We love Morocco because it offers a suite of thrillingly different adventures we've never found anywhere else.
Which one will you choose?

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Morocco Is Adventure: Which Is Yours?

Welcome to the land of adventure! With its head in the Mediterranean and its feet in the Sahara, Morocco’s unique range of landscapes and peoples blends Western Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East into one magical mix.

Scale The Heights

Cross Morocco's mighty, dramatic mountain ranges (some billions of years old) and climb to the top of North Africa's highest peak, before descending into the southern lowlands, where rock gives way to sand and the Sahara fills the horizon. Many of our tours take you across the Atlas mountains - and some give you hands-on experience of them...

Rock climb in the stunning 300m-height walls of Todra gorge
Conquer Toubkal (4,167m) the highest mountain in North Africa
Learn or improve your rock climbing skills!

On our ROCK CLIMBING ADVENTURES, stretch mind and body by climbing the rock faces of Todra Gorge, a colossal rent in a limestone massive with sheer walls stretching hundreds of metres into the blue Moroccan sky.

Chase The Water

Few people know how lush and green the Middle Atlas region is, with sweeping prairies and dense cedar forests - and even fewer know about the fantastic opportunities for canyoning and aquatic trekking down river-carved ravines and around some of North Africa's most stunning waterfalls. Explore the cascades, canyons and rivers of the highlands – or take to the waves at our surf school along Morocco's stunning Atlantic coast.

Plunge into the sunlit rock pools of Middle Atlas
Discover and trek around the Green Morocco
Visit and explore Ouzoud, the second highest waterfall in Africa

On our CANYONING ADVENTURES, jump and abseil down the incredible canyons and falls of the Middle Atlas, with the help of certified instructors guiding you down every rope. Afterwards, explore the canyons via aquatic trekking and set up camp by the region's largest lake.

Walk The Desert Sands

Morocco is the entry-point to the Sahara – a desert wider than the whole of the United States, and an otherworldy place of sand dunes and rocky plateaus. Our tours follow the steps of the legendary trans-Saharan caravan routes, exploring oases, remote villages, historic kasbahs and rhythms of life largely unchanged for centuries. Skirt the edge of the desert on horseback - or ride a camel into the shifting sands!

Explore by camel and on foot the immensity of the desert
Camp under the stars in the middle of the dunes
Exchange everyday life with nomads and learn about their lifestyle

Midway through our SAHARA DESERT ADVENTURES, you’ll trek along desert wadis towards the high dunes, and you'll set up camp under the stars, ready to enjoy a classic desert sunrise.

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