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Canyoning, Trekking & Kayaking Holidays

If there’s water, there’s fun! Abseil, kayak, slide, jump and swim down the canyons and coasts of Morocco and Spain!

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Canyoning, Trekking and Kayaking Adventures:

Canyoning is a combination of activities, dressed in a wetsuit, to descend along the course of a canyon or river: jumping in pools, sliding by natural water slides, aquatic trekking and abseiling down by waterfalls. A full adventure combo!

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Rug&Rock provides amazing canyoning and trekking holidays in the Moroccan middle Atlas and in South Spain. In Morocco, you can venture to be one of the few foreigners who pass by the region and explore its green high plateaus and pasture lands inhabited by nomadic shepherds since a long time. This area is home of huge cedar trees and cheeky Barbary apes, a unique specie in this region.

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