The Moroccan Taxi Game – (aka The Great Game)

NOTE: does not apply to all taxi drivers in Morocco – just the ones who want to take you for a ride (in the worst sense).

  1. The first law of the Great Game: always make the tourist pay extra.
  2. The second law of the Great Game: the first law justifies any behaviour that isn’t actually illegal.
  3. The third law of the Great Game: the first and second laws still apply if the tourist doesn’t know the game is being played.

First-time travellers to Morocco? Want to get a taxi in Morocco?


All you need to do is learn how to play.


How To Play The Great Game

1. Know The Average Price Before You Arrive.

If you know this number, you cannot lose.

2. Prices Are Highest Nearest The Exit.

Say, at the airport or the train station.

3.They Know You’ll Check Everyone’s Fare.

That’s why they’ll all give you the same (vastly inflated) price. It’s a common trick. Don’t fall for it.

4. Remember, You’ve Been Here Before.

Never admit it’s your first time here. If you sound experienced, they known you know The Great Game – and you’ll win by default.

5. Agree On The Fare Before You Get In.

And make sure it’s for the whole journey, not just per person.

6. If In Doubt, Walk Away.

Show them that “no deal” is an option – because it always, always is. Plus? It may be cheaper to catch a taxi a five-minute walk away!

Ever played the game? Share your “taxi” adventure with us and meet other travellers on our next trip to Spain or Morocco.

3 Responses
  1. Omg, and after this game you get the driving! I remember the crazy driving on a little road in the North, going from Tetouan to Oued-Laou, only one lane and a beautiful high cliff on the side 😀 Amazing experience though, highly recommendable!!

  2. can’t do that… Drove or been driven in 90 countries & seen too many catastrophes. Dhaka to Calcutta it’s truckers.

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