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Yes, You Can Do It Alone: Why Solo Travel Will Rock Your World

What’s it like to go on an adventure holiday on your own?

Disappointing? Stressful? Lonely? A bit sad?

It’s a story that refuses to die – and we really, really wish it would, because it’s just not true.

Even after millions of independent solo travellers and a decade of blog posts on the topic, this whole topic still has a cloud hanging over it. If you’re on holiday on your own, it’s assumed it’s …

todra gorge

Welcome to Todra Gorge, one of the most spectacular canyons in the world.


We’re just leaving on a trip to Todra Gorge, our favourite rock climbing destination in Morocco…and we thought you’d like to see it for yourself.

Are you up for that?

This is Tinghir, a city of 40,000 people on the south slope of the High Atlas mountains. It’s a delicious 26 degrees Celsius today (perfect conditions – it gets a lot hotter in the high summer) and those palm trees stretch across …


7 Unmissable Things To Do In Marrakech

Our top things to do in Marrakech include staying in old hotels, taking a horse & carriage, learning to haggle and drinking enough mint tea to pass out. Shall we get started?

You’re hot and dusty from your journey here, your shirt is already sticking to your back – but you couldn’t be more excited. A short drive away is Marrakech, one of the most exciting (and popular) cities in the world…and …

quickdraw climbing
Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Equipment: A Beginner’s Guide

So – you want to get started in the exciting world of rock climbing, but you have no idea what comes first. What rock climbing equipment do you need? What can you leave behind? Where do you even start?

Here’s the easiest answer to that question: take one of our rock climbing holidays. You’ll be taught by experts in spectacular surroundings, and we’ll provide everything you need, including all the equipment mentioned …

camel train

Shifting Sands and Freezing Nights: 6 Amazing Facts About The Sahara


There’s golden sand under your feet, rearing up into colossal dunes that ripple away towards the horizon. The sun is fierce, and you can feel sweat trickling down your back. There’s water in your daypack, a hearty Moroccan breakfast in your stomach, and the camels are grumbling and restless.

Welcome to day 3 of our Trans-Saharan Caravan Adventure. It’s time to leave – and the high Saharan desert awaits.

But first, let’s …


Waterfalls & Forests: The Morocco You Never Hear About

What kind of landscape springs to mind when you hear the word “Morocco”?

We’re guessing it’s either rolling desert stretching to the horizon…

…or dry, rugged mountains scraping the sky.

This is the Morocco the rest of the world knows – and that’s a problem.

Not because it’s wrong, of course. Yes, the desert is incredible and the mountains will make your breath whoosh right out of you…

(Above: a rock formation called La Cathédrale, rising …

Moroccan "grand taxi" and taxi driver.
Morocco / Rug&Rock

The Moroccan Taxi Game – (aka The Great Game)

NOTE: does not apply to all taxi drivers in Morocco – just the ones who want to take you for a ride (in the worst sense).

The first law of the Great Game: always make the tourist pay extra.
The second law of the Great Game: the first law justifies any behaviour that isn’t actually illegal.
The third law of the Great Game: the first and second laws still apply if …