Is Internet taking charge of our lifes?

The alarm starts shrieking. You fumble a hand towards it, and find the snooze button.
Silence floods the room again.

What’s the next thing you do? What’s the next thing you think?

If you’re like millions of modern people all over the world, you think “I wonder what’s happening on the internet?” And before you’re even aware of it, you reach for your phone.

This is a big problem – except maybe …

Multi Adventure / Rug&Rock

15 Reasons You Need To Walk More

Since we’re an adventure travel company, you may think we’re all about the high-intensity, high-impact, breath-whooshing-out-of-you stuff. That’s what real adventure is, right? Heart racing, sweaty palms, fear and exhilaration fizzing through you…

Nope. That’s just one side of it.


Know Your Greek Islands: A Guide To The Dodecanese

If you’ve ever longed to visit the Greek islands because of pictures like the one above – we urge you to look to the west, to the long island chain hugging the Turkish coastline, through towering Kalymnos, all the way down to mighty Rhodes…

Welcome to the Dodecanese – a long string of island paradises that we’re so in love with that we created an 8-day tour around them.

cabo de gata
Rug&Rock / Spain

Seven Ways Andalusia Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s say you’ve just stepped off the plane at Malaga Airport into your first blazing hot Spanish afternoon…

Or you’re rattling southwards on the first train you’ve ever taken from Madrid, watching the rugged landscape soften into waves of olive groves…

However you arrive, we’re envious. Experiencing Andalusia for the first time is a life-changing, jaw-unhinging experience. It’s our favourite region of Spain (by far), uniquely suited to the kind of adventures …