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Rock Climbing Equipment: A Beginner’s Guide

So – you want to get started in the exciting world of rock climbing, but you have no idea what comes first. What rock climbing equipment do you need? What can you leave behind? Where do you even start?

Here’s the easiest answer to that question: take one of our rock climbing holidays.ย You’ll be taught by experts in spectacular surroundings, and we’ll provide everything you need, including all the equipment mentioned …

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Morocco / Multi Adventure

Magical Morocco: 15 Spectacular Adventures

We have dedicated much of our lives to the beauty of Morocco and only promote travel that positively impacts both travellers and local communities. To this end, these are some of our favourite adventures that showcase the true Morocco.

#1 Get lost in the medina of Tetouan

The medina of Tetouan, a UNESCO World heritage site, is one of the most untouched medinas of Morocco. Surrounded by 5km of historic walls its …