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Yes, You Can Do It Alone: Why Solo Travel Will Rock Your World

What’s it like to go on an adventure holiday on your own?

Disappointing? Stressful? Lonely? A bit sad?

It’s a story that refuses to die – and we really, really wish it would, because it’s just not true.

Even after millions of independent solo travellers and a decade of blog posts on the topic, this whole topic still has a cloud hanging over it. If you’re on holiday on your own, it’s assumed it’s …

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Magical Morocco: 15 Spectacular Adventures

We have dedicated much of our lives to the beauty of Morocco and only promote travel that positively impacts both travellers and local communities. To this end, these are some of our favourite adventures that showcase the true Morocco.

#1 Get lost in the medina of Tetouan

The medina of Tetouan, a UNESCO World heritage site, is one of the most untouched medinas of Morocco. Surrounded by 5km of historic walls its …

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Rug&Rock at the Adventure Travel Show

Rug&Rock will be exhibiting our 2016 newly-curated  adventures at the Adventure Travel Show at Olympia, London 23-24 December 2016. This is the UK’s only event dedicated to discovering the world off the beaten track. There are usually more than 30000 visitors every year attending the show so, be one of them and don’t miss the opportunity to pass by the Rug&Rock’s stand, where our staff will be happy to inform about …

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Adventure + Nature + Local Communities

Adventure + Nature + Local communities summarises the entire experience at Rug&Rock. Coming up with the idea of a travelling formula capable of covering the main principles of sustainable travel while enriching, not only our travellers, but also our destination communities, was the primary challenge when shaping Rug&Rock Adventures.

We needed years of experience with small-group travelling in different areas of Morocco and other countries, plus a large amount of research on identity and …