Moroccan "grand taxi" and taxi driver.
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The Moroccan Taxi Game – (aka The Great Game)

NOTE: does not apply to all taxi drivers in Morocco – just the ones who want to take you for a ride (in the worst sense).

The first law of the Great Game: always make the tourist pay extra.
The second law of the Great Game: the first law justifies any behaviour that isn’t actually illegal.
The third law of the Great Game: the first and second laws still apply if …

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6 reasons Morocco belongs at the top of your travel bucket list

You might have considered Morocco for a beach holiday, adventure trip or city break, but there are loads more fantastic reasons to visit this exciting, vibrant country. In fact, we think it’s so great that we’re going to show you why it should be the next place you visit. Don’t just make Morocco another bullet point at the end of your bucket list – here are 6 great reasons to …


Top 10 epic movies filmed in Morocco

Due to its impressive variety of landscapes, amazing scenery and friendly people, Morocco has always been one of the most popular world-filming destinations. Ouarzazate, the main centre of the filming industry in the country, is home of the Atlas studios, one of the largest movie studios in the world, in terms of land area.
In Rug&Rock we have prepared a selection of our favourite movies filmed in Morocco, not necessarily for …

15 moroocco adventures feature
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Magical Morocco: 15 Spectacular Adventures

We have dedicated much of our lives to the beauty of Morocco and only promote travel that positively impacts both travellers and local communities. To this end, these are some of our favourite adventures that showcase the true Morocco.

#1 Get lost in the medina of Tetouan

The medina of Tetouan, a UNESCO World heritage site, is one of the most untouched medinas of Morocco. Surrounded by 5km of historic walls its …

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Canyoning Escape to the Middle Atlas – March 2016

With the start of the Spring, Morocco, and more especially the Middle Atlas mountains, finds its valleys and waterfalls full of the water produced by the melting snow. This year actually it snowed in the Atlas until late March!

In March we went on our first Canyoning Escape of 2016 and enjoyed an amazing 5 days adventure with lots of canyoning, forests, water and fun!

We edited a summary video to give you …