6 reasons Morocco belongs at the top of your travel bucket list

You might have considered Morocco for a beach holiday, adventure trip or city break, but there are loads more fantastic reasons to visit this exciting, vibrant country. In fact, we think it’s so great that we’re going to show you why it should be the next place you visit. Don’t just make Morocco another bullet point at the end of your bucket list – here are 6 great reasons to move it right to the top!

#1 There’s something for everyone

Something for everyone Morocco

Morocco is so rich and varied that it really does offer something for every traveller’s taste. Are you an adventurer at heart? Then try canyoning and rock climbing in the Atlas mountains. More of a beach-lover? There’s sun and surf aplenty along Morocco’s extensive coastline. Just want to shop and soak up the local flavour? Head to Marrakech for markets and souks, palaces and museums galore.

#2 There are many stunning landmarks

Morocco landmarks

Once you’re in Morocco, there are lots of places you’ll want to visit. Of course, a trip into the Sahara desert is a must, and if nature is your bag then the Atlas mountains and the Caves of Hercules near Tangier should probably be on your itinerary. For fans of exotic architecture there’s the imposing Aït Ben Haddou kasbah, or fortress, and the Bab el-Mansour gate in Meknes. As for cities, you can’t miss Marrakech, Fez or Casablanca.

#3 You’ll experience something new

Experience new Morocco

For somewhere that is relatively close to the UK, you can expect something very different from your usual beach or city holiday when you take a trip to Morocco. The country boasts mountains, beaches, forests and deserts, with a hot and often dry climate that can reach 30°C in the summer months. From elaborate architecture to sumptuous foods, exotic animals to fascinating customs, Morocco is ideal for anyone wanting to experience a truly different way of life.

#4 The people are friendly

Friendly Moroccans

Many Moroccan people are welcoming and, in fact, Moroccan hospitality has become famous around the world, with some guidebooks even advising that it’s not unusual for travellers to find themselves invited for home-cooked dinners with locals. Whether you prefer to stick to the cities or go on a trek with a family of nomadic shepherds, most Moroccans will do what they can to make you feel at home.

#5 You can fulfil a dream

Morocco dream

On your visit to the country you can cross more off your bucket list than simply ‘see Morocco’. When you’re there you can also ride on the back of a camel, visit a souk, eat tagine, learn how to surf and camp out under the stars. Whatever your travel dreams, you can be sure to fulfil at least one of them in Morocco.


#6 There are plenty of flights

Morocco flights

Lots of airlines fly to Morocco from all over the UK, and there are frequent direct flights from London. Even budget airlines connect to the country, so you don’t need to break the bank to get there. What’s more, flight time is only three and a half hours, so you can have all of these thrilling new experiences without the effort of travelling long-haul!

We hope this has inspired you to choose Morocco as your next destination, and if you would like to take part in one of our authentic tours, please visit our main site. Don’t forget to pop over to our forum if you have any questions and comments!


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