el chorro

Welcome To El Chorro, Spain’s Most Dramatic Place To Go Rock Climbing

Hello! Glad you could come.

We’re on the road northwest from Malaga, winding our way through the dry, dusty mountains in search of somewhere a little cooler…

Ah – this will do nicely.

Welcome to the sleepy riverside village of El Chorro – and the edge of Spain’s very own Lake District.

I know: it’s not often that you get “Spain” and “lake” in the same sentence. But this part of the country is …


Here’s Our Summer Adventure Lineup. Which One Is Yours?

We’re rapidly appproaching our peak period of the year, where we’re running almost all of our adventure tours all at once, all the way across the Mediterranean – and this year, just to keep things super-insane, we’ve actually added even more adventures in countries brand-new to our catalogue…

Basically, there’s a lot going on. And you’re completely forgiven if you can’t keep track.

So here’s how it’s all looking for the next …

Multi Adventure / Rug&Rock

“They did WHAT?” – Three Epic Walks, And The People Who Took Them

Since we’re an adventure travel company that runs long-distance treks in some of the most spectacular corners of Europe, we generally hear this a lot:

“Why on earth do you class walking as an adventure sport?! Come on now.”

You’ll have to ask us in person if you want the full explanation and really want your ear bending (or, you know, drop us an email instead) – but here are a few things to note:

– It …


How To Build A Habit: A Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Adventurers

How to build a habit – and have the adventure you deserve.

Bad news, I’m afraid. The year is marching on – which means you really should be cracking on with That Thing and That Other Thing that you said you really want to achieve by year’s end.

And – are you?

Maybe it’s saving money for a dream adventure (perhaps one of these?) by skipping your pricey morning beverage at Starbucks for half …