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Rug&Rock is an exciting company founded by and for enthusiastic travellers from a variety of different backgrounds. We have many years experience of adventure travel, mountaineering and sport and most of us have also taken part in social projects overseas, especially in Morocco.

Our people love sport and nature, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and trekking through the most remote places and exploring the unexplored. During this time we have been lucky enough to share experiences with local communities, and to respectfully participate in their everyday lives.

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It was here we first experienced the value of sustainable small-group travelling, as opposed to traditional holidays, as a tool for transformation and development. We discovered how communities not only welcome visitors into their homes and their lives but also feel proud and delighted to share their landscapes, their culture and their crafts in what we coined as an exchange of admiration, a phenomenon we believe can reshape the way we approach travelling.

We wanted to share this feeling and from these personal experiences, Rug & Rock Adventures was born.

We hope you join us on our adventure holidays and enjoy them as much as we enjoy curating them and working here.

We would love to hear from you, so if you have any question or comment get in touch!

Rafael and Omar Camarero, Founders of Rug&Rock Adventures.

The families and people behind R&R

No matter how amazing are landscapes and adventures, the best memories from your holidays with R&R will always come from the families and people you meet...

Aghlane Family, Fint Oasis

The Aghlane family comes originally from Mail. They used to trade for centuries in the trans-Saharan caravans travelling all the way north from Mali. Around 300 years ago they decided to settle in a remote oasis near the Draa valley and stop their full-time nomadic life while they started making a life out of the palm groves of the oasis. Today Rachid and his lovely family collaborate with R&R to host our travellers and show them the life of the oasis, its people, and its music and traditions.

Lahouceine, High Atlas

Lahouceine was born in Imlil, one of the highest villages of the High Atlas mountains. He is an experienced and certified mountain guide and has trekked on every mountain of Morocco. Lahouceine is one of our great tour leaders. He accompanies our travellers and connects them with the Moroccan land and with its people in Southern areas of the country.

Fadili Family, Todra gorge

The Fadili family is one of the best examples of the Moroccan hospitality. Allal, Abdul and their family live in the small village of Todra gorge and most of them are excellent climbers and great cooks! The Fadili family kindly hosts our travellers in Todra gorge and introduces them in the life of the gorge and its people.

Julio, Todra gorge

Julio is an experienced climber who lives in the gorge and has been working for years in the development and maintenance of the routes and the local communities. We admire his social commitment as he has trained lots of local and international climbers and since a few years ago decided to dedicate his life to the people of Todra and its walls. Julio works with R&R in our rock climbing courses in Todra gorge.

Hafida, Marrakech

Hafida is the first Moroccan woman who got a mountain guide certification. She has walked and travelled every corner of Morocco and knows deeply its lands and its people. Hafida leads our trekking routes following the nomads from Sahara desert to the green valleys of the north on an incredible journey that happens only once a year.

Sarah and Imad, Middle Atlas

Sarah and Imad are our canyoning experts. With years of experience exploring every mountain and canyon in Morocco, they instruct and guide our travellers in this amazing adrenaline-fueled experience, abseiling, jumping and sliding down the canyons of the Middle Atlas.

Hassan, Middle Atlas

Hassan is a son of the waterfalls and forests of the Middle Atlas. Original from the Ouzoud region, he is our expert mountain guide for the Middle Atlas region. His lively and cheerful character is the perfect companion for your trips around the Green Morocco.

Ana, Head of Operations

Ana is an adrenaline-fueled combo adventurer, you can find her teaching yoga, rock climbing or in fearless trekking expeditions. But on top of that she is a master of travel operations, juggling with everybody else in the team to bring smooth experiences to our travellers.

Rafael and Omar C., R&R Founders

The brothers, Rafael and Omar, apart from being avid adventurers, climbers and travellers, they have dedicated quite a long part of their lives to Morocco, promoting and developing different social projects in the North and evaluating the social and economic impact of different types of travelling. Rafael has a background in political and social sciences and his research is focused on tourism policies whereas Omar has focused his academic research on affect and human experiences.
With Rug&Rock they put together a project that contributes with a positive impact on both travellers and local communities, through, what they have coined as, an exchange of admiration, a phenomenon that they believe can reshape the way we approach travelling and curation of adventure holidays.

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