Rug&Rock provides amazing off-the-beaten-track expeditions in Morocco, Spain and Greece. A great combination of adventure, nature and participation on local life.
We believe travel is a tool for transformation and exchange... for both you and our destination communities.

We encourage you to experience nature to the full

From cycling and hiking the breathtaking landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, rock climbing at Todra gorges, kayaking down the Ourika River through the Berber valleys and camping in the middle of the dunes of Sahara desert.

With Rug & Rock you will experience the amazing. All our adventures are carefully curated and designed to provide a combination of adventure, encounters with nature and exchange with local communities. We provide Multi-Adventure Holidays and also packages focused on more specific activities:

We support local businesses and a sustainable tourism that develops and enriches lives

Most of the cost of your trip stays with your destination communities. We work with family-owned and neighbourhood businesses in Morocco and Spain to offer you a more authentic holiday experience and support regional economies. Rug & Rock works hard to avoid creating a negative socio-economic impact in our destinations or to alter the integrity of the local ecosystem.

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We connect like-minded people together and encourage small group travelling as a formula of exchange and social interaction

We awaken curiosity, foster spontaneity and leave always a door open to improvisation. Expect the unexpected

We don’t like the idea of an all-inclusive holiday package. We want you to contribute, to take part on the decisions and planning and to be ready to improvise and face all kind of unexpected things!

We inspire.
We set the framework.

You make the world a bit better

Add life to your days, not days to your life.

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